Peace Park 広島平和記念公園

       In Hiroshima, there is no escaping the legacy of the first city to suffer a nuclear attack. Walking through Peace Park is emotionally overwhelming, as it is impossible to comprehend what actually took place at this spot.  The location of Peace Park was once a densely populated neighborhood and commerce area. It was completely decimated when the atomic blast rose surface temperatures to over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit in an instant. 

       The Peace Museum contains personal effects, damaged and melted roof tiles, concrete stained from nuclear "black rain" fallout, and human stories of lives forever changed by the atomic bomb. The Genbaku Dome was, at the time, the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, and marks the hypocenter, the spot where the bomb detonated 180 meters above. The structure remained intact, but everyone inside perished. 

       The park and museum offer a quiet, tranquil memorial for the lives lost, families torn apart, communities destroyed, generational trauma, and the many, many unknown. There is also a cry for peace and a demand on all of us to remember Hiroshima, and never allow this happen again by abolishing nuclear weapons forever. The peace museum explains how nuclear weapons are the very antithesis of humanity. They maim, kill and destroy indiscriminately and on an unimaginable scale, without care or concern to human life. 

Out of the rubble, Hiroshima stands as a beacon of peace.

"I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world." - Sadako Sasaki