Kohsho's Wood Shop 大岩 広生

      Kohsho is a master craftsman with woodworking and has been practicing for over 25 years. In Kyoto, atop the Fushimi Inari mountain, his workshop is isolated down a dirt path and surrounded by waterfalls and bamboo forests. In such an abundantly natural environment, he spends his time carving Buddha statues, tea tree dolls, making repairs, and carving Folk Art.

       One piece depicts planet earth with a Buddha balancing on top. He has multiple arms seemingly in constant motion. This balance and motion causes the planet to stand upright, a metaphor for the balance we must keep with the natural world. His robe is colored like the French flag, a representation of the Paris Climate Accord. A previous version represented the Kyoto Protocol, a global climate agreement signed nearby in 1997. The new carving represents the urgency of these global commitments to maintain harmony with our planet.